~ February ~ Hospitality Lighting 2/21

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~ February ~ Hospitality Lighting 2/21

Come Join us February 21 for a talk on hospitality lighting what the current needs are, and how to comply with the new design codes that are mandating more energy efficient solutions. This event will be held at a local hotel in the Denver area, to be determined. Sean Convoy from Vail Resorts Management Company and Gregg Adams with Clanton and Associates will present on the topic.

VRMC has made multiple inroads to demonstrating environmental stewardship at many of their properties (you can see what they’ve been up to at vailresorts.com) and amongst their current objectives is a study of lighting efficiency. As you may already know, lighting can account for as much as 60%-70% of a hotel electrical operating cost. Sean and Gregg will talk about the VRMC quest for efficiency without compromising the quality of character and service that defines the VRMC destination resort experience. They will also cover the business case, which might seem obvious at first glance based on leveraging energy savings. However only a small percentage of hospitality owners/investors have made the progress that VRMC has committed to making.


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