Advanced Lighting Education ~ ALE ~ Fall 2013

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Fall 2013 IESRMS Advanced Lighting Education


When:            10/12, 10/19, 11/02, 11/09 (4 Saturday morning classes, 8am to noon)

Where:           FSG

What:              Advanced Lighting Education “ALE”

Instructors:    David Keith, Nancy Johnson, and Mike Rogers

Cost:               $350 for members, $500 for non-members for all four classes

(Cost includes educational binder, beverages, mid-morning snacks, and CEU Documentation)


Course Content:

Seminar 1 (Oct 12): Codes and Standards for products, Application Safety, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability, Mike Rogers

Seminar 2 (Oct 19): Vision & Color, David Keith

Seminar 3 (Nov 02):  Daylighting, Nancy Johnson

Seminar 4 (Nov 09):  Light & Health, David Keith


Participants can sign up for all four classes, or sign up “a la carte” for one or two seminars only (“a la carte” course fee $100 for members/class and $150 for non-members/class).


Space is limited to 18 people per class. Register early or contact Lauren Lipman, education chair, to reserve your spot,, 720.454.3781.


Course Descriptions


Codes, Standards & Design Guides:

The world of codes & standards is often a labyrinth of confusing terminology and quickly changing regulations. We can treat these as obstacles that stand in our way, or better yet, learn to utilize them to our advantage to deliver the best result to our clients. This seminar will cover parts of the ASHRAE/IES 90.1, International Green Construction Code, LEED, and International Code Council series which are pertinent to lighting and electrical design. Local codes and outdoor lighting requirements are also added to fully round out standards knowledge. Arm yourself with the knowledge to navigate these fields.


Vision & Color:

The human anatomy is one of the most complex systems ever studied. Even recently details and discoveries about the visual system are still being uncovered, eluding to us more insight into how it all works together. This seminar goes over the anatomy of the visual system, and discusses the responses to electro-magnetic energy. Visual adaptation, visual performance, and color science (including chromaticity, McAdams Ellipses, and CRI) are discusses in detail to give a deep understanding of our visual entities.



With green building trends more the norm than anomaly, daylighting is an integral part in almost any new construction. In these sustainable designs daylighting plays a keystone role in providing an energy efficient, well lit, and comfortable interior space. This seminar focuses on providing the designers with tools of how to identify, analyze and implement key components of daylighting techniques including daylighting metrics and products available. Topics include glazing, electrical lighting integration, daylight modeling, and sun control; among others.


Light & Health:

The human biology and psyche is strongly influenced by our day-lit and electric lit environments. Electrical lighting has strongly shifted our natural productive hours and behaviors ranging from eating to sleeping and stress. This seminar will give a targeted look at the most recent research and case studies involving light, health, and biology; covering the effects of lighting beyond the visual experience to well-being and health. In addition lighting design practices for a healthy visual environment will be covered offering valuable insight and techniques to design professionals.



Speaker Bios


Mike Rogers, LC, LEED-AP

ME Group

Mike Rogers is a Colorado native and has been active in lighting and electrical design in the Rocky Mountain region for over 30 years.  During the course of his career he has been involved with a large variety of project types in dozens of jurisdictions in both the public and private sector.  Currently working as a Sr. Electrical Designer with M.E. GROUP in Denver, Mr. Rogers has been directly involved with the design of numerous sustainable design projects which achieved LEED Gold and Platinum certification.


David Keith, FIES

Marshall Design

David is a lighting consultant with over twenty-five years experience in design, project management, research, product development and education. He is an educator across all topics of lighting. He has taught at all levels and consulted internationally on technical textbooks and educational publications.

For decades he has been presenting timely information about technical lighting issues, covering lighting fundamentals and advanced topics including design, energy, controls and economics. He has also been teaching about recent findings concerning the interactions of lighting with the environment and human health. Some of his work is published in peer-reviewed journals, as well as contributing to publications such as pattern books and texts for professional lighting education. In recognition of his technical contributions, David has been honored as a Fellow of the IES.


Nancy Johnson, LC, LEED-NC, IALD

Fabray Lighting

Nancy Johnson is Creative Director and Owner of FABRAY Architectural Lighting Design Inc, a studio that considers daylight contribution as a primary source of aesthetic and functional light.  Nancy has been an advocate of sustainable education and transformative design for several years.  She has served as president of the Rocky Mountain/Denver Section of the IESNA and currently devotes part of her time to public education developing curriculum that addresses behavioral and cultural change towards empowering youth to adopt habits of stewardship.  Nancy loves to teach and engage people in the exploration of daylighting potential, and promises an interesting and useful morning of learning!



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