November 7th ~ Charles Stone – City Light : Pieces, Places, and Postcards

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City Light: Pieces, Places, and Postcards

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Cities are reinventing the night. Mayors and public-private partnerships, developers and urban planners, architects and lighting designers are being tasked to re-imagine and  re-light the public realm to achieve new visions of the city that accomplish and encompass beautification, safety, technological wonders, and sustainability. Lighting Designers must consider not only new and exciting smart street-lighting and energy saving LED retrofit strategies; but also, the uniquely indigenous opportunities found in each city’s waterfronts, promenades, bridges, building façades, and the possibility of dynamic lighting “shows”. The work consists of many puzzle pieces, at many places in each city, and a yearning for beautiful evening skylines – postcards of City Light.

CU Engineering Center, room ECCR 245 starting at 6:30 pm on Monday November 7

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